Garbanzo Bean Egg & Coconut Bacon Quiche



One of James’ favorite foods is quiche! So once I figured out how to make a soy-free egg that I liked and could easily find the ingredients to, I wanted to try to make a quiche for both of us. One night we made BLTs for dinner – his with bacon and mine with a seitan bacon, so I had leftover bacon the next day to use. James’ quiche I based off of the Pillsbury Bacon and Cheese Quiche. But I only used cheddar cheese and no onion, since James isn’t a huge fan on onions.

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Tip #8 – How to Make a Meal Out of Nothing – Minestrone, My “Stone Soup”

Hello everyone! I was thinking of creating my own minestrone soup recipe, but really all that “Minestrone” is, is any vegetables, beans, grains, broth that you have thrown in a pot with herbs. So I wanted to show you how I clean out my pantry and fridge here and there with “leftover” vegetables, canned beans, tomatoes, etc. to make a meal.

Since plant based kitchens usually have canned beans or tomatoes, fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables, broth or bouillon of some sort, onions, dried beans, a few different grains, etc. This makes the process that much easier. You just need to know the order of cooking.

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Mac “Jabroni” & Cheese

I won’t bore you too long, but let me first tell you about the name and my quest for making a good and healthy vegan macaroni and cheese.

When I first went plant based macaroni and cheese was the one thing that could be my downfall, so anytime James made some for himself (which was regularly) I told him I couldn’t make it, smell it, or be in the room when he ate it. Since then I’ve tried different recipes and some were really good, but used processed ingredients. My mission was to find a healthy, light, soy-free, vegan mac n cheese that was creamy and satisfying. I figured if I could do that then I could do anything. So the quest began.


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Top 2016/2017 Winter Recipes

The end of winter is here, and spring is officially starting tomorrow. I have strong feelings for fall – well because I’m a white girl : P but seriously, I love the fall when I lived in the north. It is beautiful. It still is pretty in the south, but the spring has slowly crept into my favorite season. I feel the best, I want to take care of my self the most in the spring and it’s when I’m the most active and want to be the most active. The new green leaves, the red bud trees, the white flowering trees, the flowers, etc. Not to mention, James and I were married the first day of spring. Tomorrow March 20th will be 7 years! So I’m very excited to start the 2017 spring and can’t wait to show you what I have planned to post.

Although winter is my least favorite of the seasons, especially since Texas in general just gets cold and wet, and if we get any winter weather it’s dangerous black ice and not anything you can play in like snow. I really enjoyed the recipes that I cooked and the new things I came up with to stay warm this season.

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Garlic Herb Baked Pasta with Miyoko’s Double Cream Garlic Herb Cheese

I had tried Miyoko’s Garlic Herb cheese back in November, and I fell in love. I had been wanting to make a garlic herb pasta for a while, and now I had even more of a reason to. It came out great! And best of all it is plant based, and if you have whole wheat noodles it’s that much healthier. Even James really liked it and went back for seconds.

I’ll going to try to make my own dairy free herb cheese since I know not all of you have easy access to Miyoko’s Cheese, but for now this is the recipe I made, and here is their website: 

I promise if you order anything, you will not be disappointed! Everything I’ve tried so far has been great!


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Thai Coconut Soup

I wanted to make a fish, chicken, and soy free version of Tom Kha Gai soup so after looking up a few things about it and looking at a few vegan versions I figured out what I was going to do.


It ended up being a lot more filling than I thought, and it ended up tasting a lot better than I expected. And this was the first time I’ve used fresh oyster mushrooms, and I will now be trying to figure out how and when to add these to my recipes whenever I can. They smell like yeast rolls. Not even kidding. I’m so glad to have an Asian market so close to where I live that I can get a lot of these ingredients at a great price and all fresh.

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Chickpea Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is one of James’ favorite meals. Once I found that out I knew I needed to see if I could make a vegan version that he liked as well. Of course it’s hard to go wrong when cream veggies are wrapped in a “buttery” crust. So between the normal carrots, peas, and onion, I replaced the chicken with garbanzo beans, and make sure to make a good roux so that there was a good creamy gravy for everything to be mixed into.


It turned out awesome! Even though it’s not the healthiest of vegan meals, I don’t feel too bad, because this going into the category of comfort food for me, and hey – there are vegetables in there. Plus other than defrosting the pie crusts, this recipe does not take that long and is not as complicated as it seems.

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Apple Dumplings with Cream Cheese Center


Apple dumplings were one of my favorite desserts as a kid. My aunt and I would beg my Mom to make them and she would always agree to it if we peeled the apples and cored them. So while we were working on the apples, she was making the dough and the syrup.

I had make them twice after becoming vegan and now I know what my Mother meant when she said she’d do it if we helped. It’s simple, but it feels like a lot of work/mess to do for 6-10 people. And then everyone would devour it and there would be nothing left. So I figure if I’m going to do it, I’ll make sure to make it even fancier with a cream cheese center. I mean why not? If I’m already going to commit to making apple dumplings, then why not add in a quick step and have a creamy center?

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Red Enchiladas with Black Beans & Quinoa

I never thought that enchiladas would be so easy to make and to make vegan that James likes as well. This is my second recipe for enchiladas and they are some of his favorite recipes. Maybe I should just stick to different enchiladas?! I thought it would be hard since enchiladas are known for being gooey and cheesy. Gooey, I can do. Cheesy – I was doubtful, but still wanted to try. So far so good!


These came out better than expected. Tasting everything individually made me wonder how it was all going to work together. The red sauce tasted like it had too much chili powder, the filling ended up tasting salty, and then cheese sauce tasted like red bell pepper only. But I made them anyway because I had already put the work into it, why not finish it.

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