Meal Prep: Caesar Salad

Here is one of my favorites! How can you go wrong with Caesar Salad? You can always add chicken or chickpeas to this, but the dressing it’s filling on it’s own. And the crunch from the whole wheat croutons, YUM!

This recipe is an excellent example of what I was talking about with using craft bags or jewelry bags. They are the perfect size! Getting the dressing into them was a little bit of a trick, but it was the right amount. If you do use my recipe for the Caesar dressing here is a tip – when it gets cold it will get thicker, so leave some room in whatever container you put it in and add a small amount of water to thin it out before pouring it onto your salad.

For Each Lunch:

Simple as that! Once you are ready to eat it, you can just throw everything together, close the container and shake. If the dressing is still a little thick, you might have to toss it a little more than usual, but it will spread throughout the salad.

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