Hello! My name is Amanda Arroyo and my husband is James. We live in Dallas, TX. I am 99% plant-based/vegan (things happen!), while my husband, is 100% not. Despite our eating differences, we still find ways to share a meal together at the end of the day that we both enjoy.

It seems like a lot of families are starting to become “mixed-food families” and eating together becomes a challenge. That’s why I created this blog. I want to share what I’ve learned with how to cook a “shared” meal.

Time is a big factor with most families and couples. Although I love cooking, I’d rather spend my time with my family and friends. It’s just food after all… HA! So while it was getting a little too much trying to figure out 2 completely separate recipes, I decided to start making my own recipes that can easily be cooked with animal products or without, and how to cook them “together”.

A few things I look out for in my recipes are:

  • Simple: Most ingredients are minimally processed. The recipes should be simple as well, not with a long list of ingredients. Keep it simple – keep it fresh.
  • Time: As I said before time is a big factor. Most of the recipes are time sensitive, and if it is not, it usually means it doesn’t take a lot of your time.
  • Allergy Conscious: All of my recipes will most likely be soy-free. Soy and myself do not get along. And although not all the recipes will be nut and gluten-free, I’ll try to have an option in the recipes to make them allergy-friendly to all.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and are able to put them into your own shared skillet!

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