Top 2016/2017 Winter Recipes

The end of winter is here, and spring is officially starting tomorrow. I have strong feelings for fall – well because I’m a white girl : P but seriously, I love the fall when I lived in the north. It is beautiful. It still is pretty in the south, but the spring has slowly crept into my favorite season. I feel the best, I want to take care of my self the most in the spring and it’s when I’m the most active and want to be the most active. The new green leaves, the red bud trees, the white flowering trees, the flowers, etc. Not to mention, James and I were married the first day of spring. Tomorrow March 20th will be 7 years! So I’m very excited to start the 2017 spring and can’t wait to show you what I have planned to post.

Although winter is my least favorite of the seasons, especially since Texas in general just gets cold and wet, and if we get any winter weather it’s dangerous black ice and not anything you can play in like snow. I really enjoyed the recipes that I cooked and the new things I came up with to stay warm this season.

Here is my top 2016/2017 winter recipes! Most are new recipes, and a couple are some of the family recipes I “veganized”, but these are definitely going down as my favorites if the others weren’t already.


This was a hit at the “Mommy Shower” I hosted for my dear friend, both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions. Not to mention it’s beautiful. You can make it anytime that pomegranates are in season.


This was a spur of the moment meal. I wanted something easy, affordable, and something both James and I would enjoy and it turned out better than expected! So for a quick mid-week meal, check it out!


One of my favorite family recipes. And now having a recipe actually written down to share with you, and one that is fully plant-based is one of my favorite accomplishments of my blog to date.


Another hit among vegans and non-vegans. Of course who can say no to graham crackers, chocolate and coconut?


Once I tried the Miyoko’s Kitchen cheeses I had so many ideas that ran through my head and this was one of them. Once I finally got everything to make it, I guessed, and it came out awesome!


A great go-to recipe for anytime. Veggies in a wine/Worchestershire sauce topped with a load of mashed potatoes – who wouldn’t enjoy this?


Green chilis, cilantro, and lime are all things that I crave. The more recipes I make with those ingredients, the happier I am. This makes the top of my stew recipes. James doesn’t usually care for soups/stews, but he ate two bowls. That counts for something.


This truly was guessing and wanting to put in whatever I wanted into a cashew paste. What can cashews not do? I’d like to know. Whenever you want a semi-sweet ‘cheese’ spread, check this recipe out!


I think I need to just make different enchiladas. I had an idea for another enchilada recipe with sweet potatoes, so hold tight. But so far both enchilada recipes I’ve made have been a win. It was what I wanted at least. Some might have a different view of what they want from their enchiladas but this hit all the right spots!


Holy cow was this a hit! It held the flavor more than I expected, and James had 2 servings and kept talking about it afterward. This I will definitely be making again for the family.

I hope you enjoyed your winter as much as I did and are ready for warmer spring and summer weather!


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