Creamy Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Stew

It's been Hatch Chile time here and I couldn't help but start craving my Green Chili Enchiladas. I've been too busy to make them and wanted to find an easier and quicker way to get the flavors. So then I started developing this stew. It was what I wanted! All though James doesn't consider soup to … Continue reading Creamy Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Stew

Peach & Hatch Margaritas

The end of summer is approaching and I couldn't just say goodbye without a good thirst-quenching summer themed drink to cool you down! Peaches and summer just go together. And of course once it's hatch chile season in the south, everything all the sudden turns into "hatch" this, "hatch" that... and yes I do have … Continue reading Peach & Hatch Margaritas

Oregano Stewed Green Beans

I usually like more al dente green beans and have them roasted or steamed slightly, but there are occasions you need some stewed green beans. I saw a recipe that used oregano and tomatoes and thought that would be a good summer side dish. It's simple, easy and healthy. What's not to love?!