Chickpea/Chicken & Apple Salad

I love chicken and tuna salads. It was something easy and depending on how you made it, a healthy lunch or snack. After switching to eating plant based I was trying to find a replacement. At wholefoods they make a GREAT “chicken” salad in their fridge section. But it’s made with soy, it’s heavy, and can really mess up my day. It’s on my “indulgent” list but I have to be careful with it. So although there was that option and it’s really convenient, it wasn’t a wise choice for myself. Now what do I do?


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White Winter Sangria with Pomegranate Seeds & Rosemary

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a drink I had made last year. I had found a recipe that used rosemary and pomegranates and thought it looked gorgeous! Since I didn’t like everything it had in it, I was inspired to make my own and still use the rosemary and pomegranates. It’s light, it’s fizzy, and it’s not too sweet. Not to mention beautiful! And since pomegranates are only out at certain times of year, whenever I see it at the store, I’ll make a batch.


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“Cheddar Bomb” AKA Kick Ace Cheddar Ball from Vedged Out

This recipe I originally found at Vedged Out. I’ve seen the picture and the recipe on multiple sites since I saw it there. It is BY FAR one the THE BEST vegan cheddar recipes I’ve made yet. I’ve done some tweeks to it each time but it’s still the same cheddar ball, sometimes with spice, sometimes not. I’ve made it… I can’t tell you how many times. And since my friends keep asking me for the recipe, I decided to share it on here as well.

Here is the link to the recipe, originally called “Kick Ace Cheddar Ball”.


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Favorite 2016 Fall Recipes



Today is the last day of fall. So I wanted to remember some of my favorite recipes I’ve shared with you over the past few months and the ones that will always remind me of fall! As we head into colder rainier months, at least for here, I’ll be looking forward to making comforting recipes to warm you up. Of course, not all of them unhealthy. : ) So even though my favorite season is now gone, I can’t wait to show you what I’ll be making this winter!

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Lucille’s Apple Cake

Hello All! Here is another family recipe that came from a family friend. My mom’s family lived in Michigan for a good while. There they became friends with a family and the Apple Cake recipe was the wife’s, Lucille’s, recipe. Her daughter and my Mom became great friends and she ended up being in my parents wedding. So even though they are not family, they were close enough!

Here is Lucille’s Apple Cake recipe:


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Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes


I wonder how long I can go without posting a potato recipe? Here’s another one for you: Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes! The creamy sauce it’s baked in, and the layers of soft but still firm potatoes… And then you have the savory rosemary mixed in with it! Living in the mid-west scalloped potatoes was a more regular dish at gatherings. Once I came to Texas you realize the little differences from moving from the North to the South. Although most knew what scalloped potatoes were, they didn’t have them very often or at all. So I have to make sure I support my “northerner ways” and post this! It does take longer and has more steps than other potato recipes, but it is not as complicated as it looks. You can always top it off with some cheese shreds, but I like it just with the cashew sauce! Continue reading

Key Lime Pie

Hello everyone!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, and/or have seen my previous post about the “Key Lime Pie FAIL” then you will know how proud I am of this recipe.


I love baking, but I don’t know the science behind a lot of it, so when I try to “veganize” a baking recipe, it usually doesn’t turn out great – at least the first time it doesn’t. This recipe took me the longest and I had made a total of 4 pies to try to get the right taste, texture, and a crust that stayed in place.

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