Key Lime Pie FAIL

I found that Nature’s Charm makes a sweetened condensed coconut milk, and a coconut evaporated milk. Naturally I wanted to try out some recipes I had before going vegan and use these products to veganize them. Well… all my baking experiments usually fail the first time – bad. But then I realize what I need to do, and it does fine for “take 2”. Not with this.

Key Lime Fail #1

The filling recipe that I was basing this recipe off of had sour cream, and that was the only thing I needed to “veganize”. So for this I soaked cashews and replaced the sour cream with soaked cashew sauce and blending it all together…


This is the pie after it baked… I don’t know what happened to the crust…



Here is after it chilled and we cut into it. The sweetened condensed milk rose to the top while the keylime juice and the cashew sauce was at the bottom. And the crust just floated everywhere.

Key Lime Pie Fail #2

I decided to cook the graham cracker crust for a few minutes before adding in the filling. And instead of cashews, this time I replaced it with avocado instead… thick creamy avocado. Should work right? RIGHT?!


Thick, creamy… Perfect! There should be no separating!



Looking good so far… crust learned to stay in it’s place! YES!


Nope… Why did I bake avocado?? I don’t know.

Key Lime Pie Fail #3

So this time instead of avocado I used plain coconut milk yogurt to replace the sour cream to give it tang and I decided to add a few tablespoons of arrowroot for it to firm up.


Well… it did firm up, but that crust decided to come up. So we had key lime cobbler. So close!


Key Lime Pie #4

I guess 4th times a charm? I got a vegan frozen pie crust because I was done with the graham crackers. I baked it for 10 minutes in the oven like the directions said. I heated up the filling on the stove instead of putting it in the oven. Just to boiling so the arrowroot would thicken and combine everything, and then turned it off and poured it into the pie shell. Once it cooled for about 20 minutes on the counter, I carefully put it into the fridge to HOPEFULLY set overnight Saturday night.

Sunday – we had PIE, not goo, not cobbler, but PIE! I have been wanting to try the coconut cool whip so I had gotten that to put on top, and it went perfect with it! Definitely learned a few things with this, and I’m glad for the fails. And nothing makes you feel better when you actually have success at a recipe or anything you’ve been struggling with for weeks.

Here is the recipe!



7 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie FAIL

  1. K.A.M. Boham says:

    Looking forward to the recipe! I tried a Key Lime Pie after going vegan and the filling called for silken tofu. I don’t know what I did but the pie was bitter. Completely inedible. I’m ready for a tasty vegan Key Lime Pie. 🙂

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