Our Go-To Week Meals

Hello all!

First of all – all parties need a photo booth. It should be just as common as cake.

Anyway, I wanted to post about James and my dinners during the week that are quick, easy, and simple. Some I’ve posted, others I haven’t posted, just for the fact there isn’t much to post. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. It doesn’t always have to be a full course meal. And it doesn’t always have to be a “shared” recipe.

Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese or Whole Grain Bread

Creamy Tomato Basil soup was one of our favorite meals before I went plant based, and is now – especially since I made this recipe and I don’t have to cook two different soups! This recipe is so easy to make and is ready in minutes. Not to mention it’s filling since butter beans is what makes it creamy so it’s full of protein!  If you want something more comforting, make a grilled cheese – one with cheddar cheese, the other with your favorite vegan cheese. Or if you want to be as whole food as possible, just get whole grain bread and toast it.

Recipe is HERE.


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Lemon Garlic Rice Pilaf with Orzo

Here is a great and easy recipe that the whole family loved. It’s slightly creamy, full of flavor and something that will go with any summer meal.

Do you know someone who just doesn’t stop moving? Like, where do they get the energy? My mom is one of those people. She doesn’t know how to sit still. Once she is still she’s out for a 5 minute nap and then ready to go again. I mean really?

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Top 2017 Spring Recipes

Summer is here already! Spring went by fast and was super busy. And because of that I didn’t post too much, but I wanted to post my favorites out of the ones that I did post. These are ones that I’ve thought about repeatedly since I’ve made it, or have already made them a second time, OR one that James asks about when I’m going to make it again – so all around “wins”!

So this cheese sauce I’ve made at least 3 times, and I eat it all. I’m going to be working on a few different recipes with “cheese” with this sauce, or the idea of this sauce, soon, so hold tight!

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Fajita Spice Mix

It’s getting too close to summer here that I’m already calling it summer. And you know what goes with summer?

Fajitas! We are working on getting a grill, but until then I have this nifty little cast iron grill that sets on top of two burners. It’s awesome! For burgers, portabella mushroom caps, and for just straight up grilling veggies for fajitas!

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Power Greens Salad with Clementines & Roasted Pecans

I know there is an app for everything, but did you realize there is an article for everything too?

At work I was sealing a semi-small stack of envelopes and I wondered why we still had to lick or wet the envelopes. With technology the way that it is, you would think we could manufacture more peel-and-stick envelopes and not have to stick our tongue out every time we want to send some mail.

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