Tips for a Shared Kitchen #4 – Replacing Cow’s Milk

Hello everyone! I wanted to share how I convert some recipes to be plant-based. A lot of my recipes come from whatever sounds good to me, or from family recipes that I've converted some way to make them plant-based/vegan. There are so many vegan recipes out there that use different methods that you don't know … Continue reading Tips for a Shared Kitchen #4 – Replacing Cow’s Milk

Mexican Spice Brownies

Hello all! I have had a dilemma recently - I have been craving brownies and that craving didn't go away for weeks! Those googy, warm, chocolaty squares! Well... once we had a few cloudy cool days here I decided to heat up our oven! By the time I was able to make the brownies I had … Continue reading Mexican Spice Brownies