“Cheddar Bomb” AKA Kick Ace Cheddar Ball from Vedged Out

This recipe I originally found at Vedged Out. I’ve seen the picture and the recipe on multiple sites since I saw it there. It is BY FAR one the THE BEST vegan cheddar recipes I’ve made yet. I’ve done some tweeks to it each time but it’s still the same cheddar ball, sometimes with spice, sometimes not. I’ve made it… I can’t tell you how many times. And since my friends keep asking me for the recipe, I decided to share it on here as well.

Here is the link to the recipe, originally called “Kick Ace Cheddar Ball”.


One of my sisters-from-another-mister always has creative ways of using words. She uses words in a way that makes sense but not too many people would use those words to say or describe what she was saying. For example, one time she was talking about pizza and that she likes thinner crust as opposed to thick crust. Instead of thick she decided to say “I don’t like obese crust.” So now thick crust has only be known as obese crust from that point on. So one of the times I made the “Kick Ace Cheddar Ball” we had it out and she kept telling everyone they needed to try “The Cheddar Bomb” instead of ball. We laughed like we usually do and then realized how perfectly it described the cheddar ball since it is THE BOMB and decided that was it’s new name. And now it is forever known in our family as “The Cheddar Bomb”.

Next time you have friends or family over and want to have appetizers out, try this! I’ve had people who don’t like cashews, love this. I’ve had people who don’t like cheese balls, love this. I’ve had people who hate vegan cheese, love this and ask for the recipe. I have yet to find someone who hates it. It’s always a “win” for me.



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