Favorite 2016 Fall Recipes



Today is the last day of fall. So I wanted to remember some of my favorite recipes I’ve shared with you over the past few months and the ones that will always remind me of fall! As we head into colder rainier months, at least for here, I’ll be looking forward to making comforting recipes to warm you up. Of course, not all of them unhealthy. : ) So even though my favorite season is now gone, I can’t wait to show you what I’ll be making this winter!


This soup was so delightful! I loved the sweetness and the tang that it brought. Not to mention it’s a great “shared” recipe if you have your omnivores with you. It was light but heavy enough just in case the weather is still warm like it was here during the end of September/early October.


I could not believe how creamy this came out! It made a lot, so next time I might half the recipe since I was the main one eating it, but it was what I wanted. The fall flavors, creamy but healthy, and spinach! YUM!


I think I’m just going to keep the ingredients needed for the Butter Bean Gravy at all times. The Brown Herb gravy was great too and would be fantastic on things you want to add a huge amount of flavor to, but the creamy butter bean gravy could be on top of anything. And the best part is that I can convince myself it’s healthy – for the most part. ; )


This salad is one of my favorites, and the flavors could be for all year, but with the cranberries I can’t help but think of fall time. It’s perfect to make for meal prep and to just have in the fridge for a quick meal. It’s something I’ve made over and over again and I never get tired of it.


This main dish is probably my top fall favorite. I don’t know why I don’t make it more. The filling alone is great! Just enough flavor and a mixture of things to keep you wanting more. And then the acorn squash! I think, if you get them in season, acorn squash is sweeter than sweet potatoes, and should be used like pumpkin. I mean why not? They are sweet, they are creamy, and they are a lot easier to use than pumpkin… I might be starting my next fall list of recipes with this idea.


This is something I don’t mind making ahead of time and just letting it simmer on the stove to have the whole house be filled with cinnamon, cranberry, and orange smell. I love apple cider because I love apples and the cider spices, but not so much the sweetness. So adding the cranberries and orange along with extra spices evened it out and it was fantastic!


This isn’t necessarily a “fall” recipe, but it’s something I instantly want when it starts to cool off. I loved chicken and dumplings with a lot of black pepper, so when I figured out how to make it with chickpeas I was so excited! The flavor, the creamy broth, and then the dumplings! Not to mention the sweetness of the carrots and celery that you get here and there.

And there you have it! My favorite 2016 fall recipes.


3 thoughts on “Favorite 2016 Fall Recipes

  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    Oh maaan. So many lovely recipes there. I’m going to try the spinach and almond ricotta one. That looks so tasty! Do you feature your articles with any other sites at all? Great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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