Oven Roasted Teriyaki Veggies with Chickpeas/Chicken

Have you ever gotten out of your exercise routine and then done something that requires minimal-moderate labor and the next day you are sore and stiff all over? Yeah. That happened.

James and I helped my parents in doing some yard work and there was some mowing, some weed pulling, some edging, ect. Now let me tell you that my parents put down grass a few years ago because this type of grass is slow growing and my Dad only has to mow it every other week, if that, depending on how much water that it gets. Cool huh? It feels great too! Thick and plush almost like carpet. Which is nice when you want to walk around, but mowing!

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Honey Dijon Chicken/Chickpeas with Red Potatoes and Carrots

Do you ever remember the easy meals you used to make before going plant based?

This was one of the meals I thought of when I was trying to think of different low-fat weekday meals for our family. It was something I made before going plant based and it was so easy! You make the Honey Dijon sauce, chop up your carrots and potatoes, throw them in a baking dish, top with 2 chicken breast and the sauce and bake! Clean up while it’s in the oven. And done! It’s all in one dish, and a full dinner in a short amount of time! Low-fat, easy, and a good light weekday meal.

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Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberries are the best. There are just some things that scream summer, and for me, blueberries are one of them! Every July my mother and I try to go with some friends to pick our own blueberries out at a farm 2 hours away from Dallas. If we get out there early enough the weather isn’t usually too bad and we can have a bucket full of blueberries before it gets blistering hot. I’ll be looking forward to it this year if we can make it!

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Pulled Pork Sliders with Garlic Aioli & Dill Pickles

Sundays are made for comfort. Everyone needs a break during the week, even if it’s just an afternoon/evening. And everyone needs comfort food here and there. I know for us the last few weeks have been interesting to say the least and by the time Sunday rolls around, the whole family is ready to just be at home and relax. It’s actually becoming a “thing” that we are in our pajamas by 4:00 pm on Sunday and literally recline the rest of the afternoon and evening. It’s awesome! To top it off, I love the Sundays that it works out that we have leftovers so I don’t have to cook.

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Quinoa Risotto with Asparagus

I love asparagus in the spring time! I always try to find new dishes to make with it each year, and this time it’s a quinoa dish. Check out Last Year’s Asparagus Dish! Basically this dish is a healthier version of a risotto. Although making risotto with quinoa is a little less creamy than with the arborio rice, the flavor was just as great and the dish is not dry! The flavors came together better than I expected and it’s good hot or cold. I’m sure there will be more asparagus recipes soon to come. But check this one out! It’s creamy and full of flavor, and the flavors, although Italian, go great with anything grilled or BBQ.

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My Anniversary Trip to Palo Duro Canyon

Hello all!

Last month was our 7th year anniversary! We took a small road trip (5 1/2 hours) to Amarillo and went to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Since I had posted not that long ago about Roadtripping with a Mixed Food Family, I wanted to share with you our trip and how we did it, what I found, and how I prepared.

I just wanted to say, that for vacations, and on special nights, like our anniversary dinner nights, I’m not strict. I don’t want to worry about food, I just want to enjoy myself and my husband wherever we are without it being that big of a deal. With that being said, I try my best without it being a “deal” to stay plant based, but with some things, as you will see, I don’t mind having these times as my “cheat” days or meals. I don’t like calling it that because I don’t feel like I’m cheating on anything – I just feel like it’s a special time and I’ll eat what I want – whether that’s plant based or vegetarian.

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Mushroom Stroganoff

One of my favorite dishes when I was young was beef stroganoff. We would either put it over egg noodles or mashed potatoes. But for my plant based recipe it’s just good ol’ rotini pasta, or you could put it over mashed potatoes if you wanted a more heavier meal. I decided not to just do a mushroom stroganoff but to also make some of the mushrooms with a more “beefy” taste so it could be close to a beef stroganoff without having tofu or seitan.

So the beginning of the recipe is how I made the portabella mushroom strips have a more “beefy” taste to them, and then the rest of the sauce and flavors follow. I hope you enjoy it! I know I did!

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