Our Go-To Week Meals

Hello all!

First of all – all parties need a photo booth. It should be just as common as cake.

Anyway, I wanted to post about James and my dinners during the week that are quick, easy, and simple. Some I’ve posted, others I haven’t posted, just for the fact there isn’t much to post. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. It doesn’t always have to be a full course meal. And it doesn’t always have to be a “shared” recipe.

Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese or Whole Grain Bread

Creamy Tomato Basil soup was one of our favorite meals before I went plant based, and is now – especially since I made this recipe and I don’t have to cook two different soups! This recipe is so easy to make and is ready in minutes. Not to mention it’s filling since butter beans is what makes it creamy so it’s full of protein!  If you want something more comforting, make a grilled cheese – one with cheddar cheese, the other with your favorite vegan cheese. Or if you want to be as whole food as possible, just get whole grain bread and toast it.

Recipe is HERE.


BBQ Sausage Dinner

This dinner came about when James wasn’t sure how hungry he was going to be and I didn’t want to cook. So I figured I’d get him already cooked all-natural brats, and get me some Field Roast sausages or frankfurters and if we don’t eat it, it will be there. Well we ended up being more hungry than we thought. I sliced up our sausages and put them each in their individual skillets.  I decided to cook the sausages how I saw a friend of mine cook hers and I fell in love with it! Once the sausages are toasted and crispy, I take it off the heat and let it cool for a minute. Drain any excess oil, and then add our favorite BBQ sauce (Stubbs Original) and toss the sausages in it in their own skillets. The leftover heat from the skillet will help the BBQ sauce to attach to the sausages.

You can add whatever sides you want – whether there is left overs, an easy salad, etc. James usually likes making mac n cheese with it, and I’ll grab some type of frozen veggies like broccoli and/or make some skillet potatoes to go with it. And there you have it! A full course meal in about 20 minutes.


Pizza – his and hers

This one might seem obvious, but buying a frozen pizza for each, or ordering pizza (mine without cheese) and having left overs for the weekend or the rest of the week.

This picture was when we ordered from one of our of favorite pizza places in Dallas – Pizza Lounge. They have Daiya cheese so I’ll get one of their pizzas that has spinach and mushrooms with the Daiya cheese, and James get’s his pepperoni and sausage.

Other places I’ll just get a veggie pizza with no cheese. There are a few pizza places there that has a vegan crust already without advertising it. Not all, but some.


Pretty easy. I’ll get James bacon, I’ll either make my Coconut Bacon, or I’ll buy vegan bacon, or if I don’t even want to do that, I’ll just add sliced avocado. Then have your toasted bread, lettuce, and tomatoes and some type of spread. DONE! This picture has the Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon and Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Fabanaise. It was awesome!


Tapas/Appetizer Night

This is our “whatever” night. We’ll have cherry tomatoes, I’ll get a cashew cheese or hummus with crackers and veggies, he’ll have pizza rolls, little sausages, etc. Whatever snacks we decide we want and just munch. This picture was a party tapas night. Our normal week-day tapas night, definitely does not look this fancy!


 Veggie Burger Night

So James has been trying to not have as much red meat (heh…) so he’s been trying to find a burger that he likes. He tried turkey burgers and didn’t like them, and he doesn’t mind chicken sandwiches, but it still isn’t a burger. So I told him that when I ate meat I thought turkey burgers were tasteless and gross, even though I like turkey, but veggie burgers never tasted bad and were full of flavor. I convinced him to try it one night and he was about to go back for another burger before he decided to let it sit for a minute and ended up being stuffed and satisfied and really liking the veggie burger! SCORE! Now all I have to do is toast up the veggie patties, add some additional seasonings and sauces if I want, and he will still add cheese. Easy burger night!


Angry Spaghetti with a Simple Salad

This was one of our first shared meals that I continuously make. He has a spicy sausage sauce, and I have a spicy veggie sauce. Easy, quick and satisfying for both of us.

The recipe I have for it is HERE.

Chili Mac


This also was put together by one of those nights I didn’t want to cook and I wanted to just throw things in a pot and be done. James like the vegan chili so why not keep this as a meal we can have together? He’ll add his shredded cheese, I’ll have mine or do without.

The recipe is HERE.




What are some of your favorite week day dinners?


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