Top 2017 Spring Recipes

Summer is here already! Spring went by fast and was super busy. And because of that I didn’t post too much, but I wanted to post my favorites out of the ones that I did post. These are ones that I’ve thought about repeatedly since I’ve made it, or have already made them a second time, OR one that James asks about when I’m going to make it again – so all around “wins”!

So this cheese sauce I’ve made at least 3 times, and I eat it all. I’m going to be working on a few different recipes with “cheese” with this sauce, or the idea of this sauce, soon, so hold tight!

I made this a few times for my lunches, and it’s so light but filling, and all whole food. Even better.

James loves honey Dijon chicken, and it’s one of the recipes I’ve made twice already. There are leftovers, but its one of the recipes we don’t mind leftovers for. Plus how simple it is, just makes it that much more loveable.

Cream, white wine, and cajun spice? What more would you want from a pasta? James wasn’t even finished with his first bowl and was already asking when I was going to make it again. LOL

This I could not get enough of when I first made it. The sweet and juice fresh clementines and then the roasted and savory pecans… NOM! Simple and whole food. Great to go with any heavy and/or spicy meal like the Cajun Pasta above.

The whole family loved this one and there were no leftovers. They talked about that it smelled like lasagna in the oven. A good Italian fix that isn’t pasta that so far as been an overall winner.


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