Tips #7 – Road Tripping with a Mixed Food Family


My family loves road trips! We’ll crave them. The road trip is just as much of the vacation as the destination! And since I’m “craving” one now, I wanted to share with you some things to keep in mind when you do travel, at least in the US, about certain restaurant chains or fast food chains that have vegan options that you might not have thought of.

I will bring snacks with me, but it’s nice to get out of the car, and it’s really nice to eat and not have to clean it up in the car, or have the car smell like food all the time. So keep this as a “good to know” list of options when these might be the only thing out there. And no… it’s not all french fries. Although I would be perfectly fine with the fact that fries were my only option.


Taco Bell

    • They use vegetable oil, not lard, in all their food.
    • They have a full Vegetarian menu and some things, like their 7-layer burrito, can easily be made vegan without adding cheese or sour cream.

Taco Cabana

    • Black beans do not have lard. You can just get beans and rice as a side, or make your own burrito and fill it with everything they have that is plant based.


    • Need I say more? Everything is vegan other than the obvious meat and cheese options.


    • Make a veggie delight with non-cream based dressings/condiments on Italian bread. Their Italian bread has no egg.

Domino’s and Pizza Hut

    • Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s thin crusts are vegan and you can always order any pizza without cheese.

Little Cesars and Papa Johns

    • All sauces and dough are vegan, just order veggie pizza without cheese!


    • Other than their plant-based milk drinks, there is also their original or blueberry oatmeal you can get as well. And they switched from honey to agave packets too.


    • Other than fries, don’t forget about their plain baked potato!
    • They also have a garden salad with an Italian Vinaigrette, but the croutons do have dairy in them.

Jack in the Box

    • They have black beans, potato wedges, curly fries, and their blueberry oatmeal are all vegan. Who knew?


Cracker Barrel

    • They have a veggie plate, and all is vegan!

Olive Garden

    • I was surprised to find out that Olive Garden’s breadsticks are vegan. They are made with soy, not butter! I still need to limit my soy anyway, but I was shocked!
    • They have all you can eat veggie salad (omitting parmesan cheese)
    • You can create your own pasta with tomato sauce and veggies.


    • Yep. They have a build your own burger, and their veggie burger is Amy’s Veggie Patty. Looks like they were using a Gardenburger patty which had egg, and then switched to Amy’s which is vegan. So anyone up for a vegan burger on the road?
    • For breakfast you can always get a whole bunch of sides like potatoes, veggies, fruit, and then they have oatmeal.
    • Their breakfast veggie skillet (with no egg whites) is also vegan.

Panera Bread

    • They have a black bean soup most days and that is completely vegan, as well as their sourdough bread and ciabatta bread.
    • If their black bean soup isn’t available, their garden vegetable soup is vegan IF you ask for no pesto on top.

I know there are plenty more, but these are the ones I can say most places in the US will have, and some will definitely be on the side of major highways for a quick stop in between destinations. Some of these options I still have yet to try, but most I have tested out to be true in other places other than where I live. So I’m sure there will be a part 2 to this in the months to come as I find out more.

Road tripping just got a lot easier!

March 2017 – Palo Duro Canyon State Park Roadtrip



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