Top Summer 2016 Recipes

Strawberries and Blueberries Off Center_menu thumbnail top summer 16

Today is the last day of summer. Can’t say I’m sad about it, I love autumn. But there were a few good recipes that I really enjoyed and that I’m going to rate my Top Summer 2016 Recipes. A few of these I technically made in the spring, but since half of my summer was taken up by the move, I don’t mind putting them on the list too. Not to mention, some of my other earlier recipes I’ve posted are my favorites but they were not my newer recipes that I’ve made recently. Those are the recipes I always go back to and have made many times like my Caesar SaladCrab Cakes with Hearts of Palm, Green Chili Enchiladas, Herb Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Kale with Garlic & Lemon Juice, and so on… I think you get the picture.

These recipes are new and that I’ve enjoyed and thought about more than once since I’ve made them the first time. They are now going down in my book of favorites. I hope you were able to try some of these, and if so, I always love feedback! Let me know what you thought.

Shrimp - Hearts of Palm Tacos - Menu Thumbnail

My Shrimp/Hearts of Palm Tacos with Avocado Cream make it on the list. I was craving all the flavors and the color combination for days before I finally had the time to create it. The creamy avocado, the savory and spicy hearts of palm/shrimp, and then the colorful and bright Purple Coleslaw with orange juice and cilantro. YUM!!!

Agave Lemonade - Menu thumbnail

Agave Lemonade. It was everything I wanted without the refined sugar! The crisp, zesty refreshing drink after a long hot day in the heat, what could be better?! This went perfect with my Pulled Pork/Jackfruit Sandwiches. Something cool to go with the spicy sandwich.

Rice Noodle Salad with Herbs - menu thumbnail_2

Rice Noodle Salad with Herbs was something cold and easy to make when our A/C was out in our new place after the move. I was so happy for quick rice noodles and the refreshing taste and smell of the mint and basil when you’re hot and you can’t do anything about it. Not to mention the sweet chili sauce gives the right amount of sweet and spicy.

Ginger Peach Sorbet with Vodka_menu thumbnail

A late night inspiration treat I won’t forget – Ginger Peach Sorbet with Vodka. Something not too sweet but with all the freshness you could ever want!

Chickpea Noodle Casserole menu thumbnail

My Chickpea Noodle Casserole! The reason why it’s on here is because between 5 of us the whole dish was almost devoured within an hour. Still looking for that miracle soy-free “tuna” noodle casserole recipe, but this will definitely do until I find it!


And last but not least, End of Summer Sangria. This was put on here at the last minute since it’s a new post, but it truly was a great drink and something perfect to end the last few days of summer.

Thank you to my followers/readers for making this a great summer and a great start to my blog!


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