Tips for a Shared Kitchen – #1 Decorate with Produce

Hello All!

I’ve decided to add a page to The Shared Skillet blog about how to manage a “shared kitchen” and also just some tips to help your kitchen be more health savvy no matter what you’re eating.

table pear bowl

#1 – Decorate with Produce

Snacking can be one of the biggest ways I can slowly make my way to the pits of the junk-food-vegan world and then a few days later wonder what has happened to me. Why I’m so tired and feel awful?! To help with this, we keep a good amount of fresh produce out in the kitchen. It doesn’t always work, but it helps. It keeps our mind on healthy food by seeing it, instead of going into the pantry and finding our favorite crackers or chips. We love to decorate with it in our kitchen. On the counter, on the table, and in hanging baskets. So many colors, shapes, and sizes!

tomato lime bowl

By keeping it out in front of you and making it look more appealing it makes it look that much more appetizing. You’ll also see when things are starting to go bad and what needs to be eaten that day instead of opening the fridge and seeing that mystery juice and smell in one of the drawers. Not to mention the fact that you can see living things in your kitchen makes the whole area feel more alive and welcoming. They’re plants and are beautiful, so why lock them away in a cold, dark, place when most of them do better at room temperature?

mixed fruit table bowl

Some fruits and vegetables have more nutrients when stored at room temperature and in addition, has more flavor. There was a lot I did not know and I was storing wrong until I saw this list from the following site: Fruits and Veggies More Matters

Have fun, decorate with produce, and have a happy, healthy, and beautiful shared kitchen!


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